Interview with Sr. Elisa

Sister Elisa, Happy Jubilee Year. You have pleasantly surprised us with the stickers for whatsApp. We want to know more about you and more about your work in digital evangelism.

Who is Sister Elisa?

I am Sister Elisa, I belong to the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Siena. Argentina, I was born in the city of Mar del Plata and I have been in the Order for thirteen years.

What does digital evangelisation look like to you in this time of pandemic?

I think that this is a favourable moment during the pandemic to first of all assess the place of social networks and digital means of communication, which are often demonised, and on the other hand, to value the work that is done there, and the effort that it implies.

I believe that digital preaching has experienced a boom, with multiple new projects, which has been a challenge to creativity, not to repeat or do more of the same.

What evangelisation projects are you developing in your community?

Together with three other sisters from the Latin American province, we are part of the communication team of the province. We are in charge of the administration and creation for our social networks on Facebook and Instagram. Our objectives are to provide a preaching service based on the Dominican charism, to make known the Congregation and the mission of our Province, and to continue to strengthen and promote experiences of communion.

How did you come up with the idea of making the “Minguito” stickers for WhatsApp?

The project was born out of necessity. During a course on digital evangelization, we were asked to create a video with some concrete characteristics and thinking about the target audience of our choosing. My proposal was made with an online animation programme, in which you load the information and you can choose the character, background, etc. As my audience was made up of young people from a group of Dominican missionaries, I started thinking: how nice it would be to be able to make this kind of video with a Dominican animation. to have something with a Dominican character! That’s how I started working on the creation of the character and looking for information in YouTube to be able to go further in the development of the animation project, to try to find an idea. And I saw that it was going to be more complicated than I thought. I stayed at the creation of the character, “Minguito”, and I would like the Dominican family to get to know him and to get to know him. That’s how the idea of the stickers was born: it’s a way to reach a lot of people and that this message can become part of our daily life, like a WhatsApp message.

Where can we download them?

The stickers were launched on December 1st and for the last two weeks we have been sending them to those who want them, to those who request them through our social networks. We have the idea of relaunching it during the course of the year, but we haven’t quite defined it yet. Anyway, if someone doesn’t have them, they can write to us through our social networks and we will send them the link. You can find us as Dominicas de Santa Catalina de Siena on Facebook and dominicasdestacatalinadesiena on Instagram.

How do you celebrate the jubilee of Saint Dominic?
Do you have something to say to the Dominican family around the world?

Echoing the motto of the Jubilee: “At table with Saint Dominic”. We wanted to frame the launch of the application in this “feast” of the Order, as a way of contributing and sharing this table of fraternity. I hope that during this time the Dominican Family will grow in the desire to sit together at the table, to share fraternally, to pray for one another, to study together and … to share with each other. And, with our preaching, which is word and action (as the evangelists tell us about the mission of Jesus), to continue to proclaim to our brothers and sisters the love of God manifested in Jesus Christ.

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