Meeting of the Dominican Justice and Peace Promoters in Africa

Resolutions of the Meeting of the Dominican Justice and Peace Promoters in Africa

  1. The African continent is facing many challenges among which are the forced migration of millions of Africans due to war and conflict, the effect of climate change, and bad governance. An analysis of these issues, besides the great harm they have done to individuals, unveil a great injustice to the peoples of Africa, and the diverse ways these continue to hinder the integral development of Africans and Africa as a continent. 
  2. In response to this growing incidence of migration, effects of climate change, and issues of bad governance, the Promoters of Justice and Peace of the African Dominican family which comprises of the Friars, the Nuns, the Lay Fraternity, the Sisters, and the Youth from the Province of St. Joseph-Nigeria & Ghana, Province of Charles Lwanga-Equatorial Africa, Vice-Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Vice-Province of Southern Africa, Vicariate of Eastern Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Sudan), Vicariate of Angola, and the Vicariate of Rwanda & Burundi gathered from June 22–26, 2023, at the Mary Ward Centre Nairobi, Kenya to learn, analyse, and reflect on these troubling issues under the theme: “Facing African Challenges together as Dominicans.” 
  3. Reports on activities of Justice and Peace were presented by each Dominican Family entity. There were also presentations by persons well acquainted with these issues. Mr Eugene Wirba (Tangaza College, Nairobi) delivered a paper on Migrants and Refugee Crisis, fr. Neil Mitchell, on Climate Change, and fr. Aniedi Okure, on the Salamanca Process and its relevance in Africa. 
  4. Eugene Wirba noted that 15% of African migrants do not have travel documents. Fr. Neil Mitchell posited that human activities directly impact climate change and that addressing the problem of climate change requires an interdisciplinary approach. He explained that Dominicans can build an Eco-spirituality around St. Martin de Porres. As a reconciler, healer, mystic and a prophet, Martin helps us learn from indigenous teachers and respect the earth as a sacred place. Speaking on the Salamanca process, and the need to be grounded in the context of ministry, fr. Aniedi Okure, emphasized that to be an effective preacher and evangelist one must be a good analyst of the context of ministry, and a great listener to those impacted by the context. 
  5. Their collective presentations underlined the importance of educating the people, the government, and working with church leaders to influence governance and the making of good policies for the common good and ensuring that policies are applied for the good of all. The presentations also highlighted the need to pay particular attention to our youths, including encouraging governments to create jobs for them. Lastly, the presentations underlined the importance of solidarity in addressing these issues. 
  1. As part of the measures to contain migration, effect of climate change, and issues of bad governance in Africa, the Dominican Family produced the following resolutions: 
    • That the entities of the Dominican family educate and sensitize the society (especially the youths) on migration crisis,
    • Each branch of the Dominican family include research and concerns on Justice, Peace and Care of Creation in their formation programme, 
    • Members of the Dominican family identify and harness their gifts, talents, and resources towards problem solving in the spirit of the Salamanca process, 
    • Create communication channels (WhatsApp, Emails and other social media) for exchange of ideas among the branches of the Dominican family, 
    • The Regional Promoter for Justice and Peace to set up a committee to study and promote an EcoSpirituality following the model of Saint Martin de Porres, 
    • Members of the Dominican family look inwards to make conscious effort towards a change of complacent mindset so as to rediscover our identity, values, and our mission to our people, 
    • That members of the Dominican Family foster the spirit of collaboration among themselves, 
    • Superiors, moderators of the laity, pastors, and deans of the youth to encourage every Dominican to be eco-friendly and agents of Justice and Peace in their communities and apostolates, 
    • The Regional Promoter for Justice and Peace in Africa in collaboration with the General Promoter for Justice and Peace, to explore the possibility of official presence and accreditation of Dominicans for Justice and Peace at the African Union (AU), to serve as a forum for interacting with the governance apparatus of the continent, 
    • We support the project of St Dominic Institute of Environmental Studies initiated by St Catherine of Siena Lay Fraternity, Nairobi, Kenya.

Finally, we recommend that the Promoters for Justice and Peace of the Dominican family in Africa meet regularly online and physically every three (3) years.

Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Mulu, OP
Councilor for Justice and Peace at IAOP
(African Regional Promoter for Justice and Peace)

fr. Frederick Obananya, OP
For the Friars

Sr. Lucia Ngaba, OP
For the Nuns

Mr. Jean Claude Loba, OP
For the Laity

Sr. Seline Tatu, OP
For the Sisters

Ms. Esther Otwona
For the Youth

This 26th Day of June 2023
fr. Charles UKWE, OP
Socius for Africa

Source: Afridoms Flash n.371

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