New Archivist of the Order

Tabularii Ordinis Praefectus

Frater Augustin LAFFAY, O.P.

The Master of the Order, fr Gerard Francisco TIMONER III, O.P. has appointed  fr. Augustin LAFFAY, O.P. as the new Archivist of the Order.

Fr. Augustin LAFFAY, O.P. tells us more about his journey:

Born in 1965 in France, I lived mainly in Lyon until I entered religious life in 1994. After the baccalaureate, I studied history at the University of Lyon, which allowed me to teach in a high school and then, briefly, at the University of Lyon. Preparing for a doctorate allowed me to discover Rome in the French School established at Palazzo Farnese. I then began to frequent the Vatican Apostolic Archives assiduously.

As a son of the Province of Toulouse, I made profession in the convent of Marseilles on December 17, 1995, and then continued my studies of philosophy and theology, without completely giving up a research work in history. Ordained a priest on 23 June 2001, I prepared for a licentiate in theology at the Angelicum and held various offices in my province: novice master and high school chaplain in Marseilles, prior then student master in Toulouse…

In 2012, fr. Bruno Cadoré, Master of the Order, asked me to work for a renewal of the Dominican Historical Institute (IHOP) founded in Rome 80 years earlier. A new process has been developed to accompany the celebrations of the Jubilee of the 800 years of the Order of Preachers. At the same time as this work, I committed myself to the invitation of French researchers in the ambitious project of an online Biographical Dictionary of all the religious who entered the French provinces since Henri-Dominique Lacordaire. Called to Rome by brother Gerard Timoner, I took over as Archivist General for six years on January 8, 2020.

fr. Augustin Laffay

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