After consulting with the Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cador, the Promoter for the Laity, fr Rui Carlos Lopes has chosen two collaborators that will work closely with him in his office as promoter. They will assist him in dealing with requests from various laity groups and also accompany him in some visits.
They will not be living at Santa Sabina, rather they will go about their normal businesses and still work closely with fr Rui. The new collaborators are fr Manolo Puppini and Ruth Anne Henderson.
Fr Manolo Puppini, son of the Roman Province of St. Catherine of Siena, is currently the parochial vicar at the Parish of Santa Maria del Rosario in Rome from where he attends to the local Fraternity of lay Dominicans. He studied at the Gregorian University, Rome. With the agreement of his Provincial and his Superior, he will come to Santa Sabina two half-days a week and will accompany the Promoter in a few visits.
Ruth Anne Henderson is a lay Dominican from Scotland but she lives near Chieri, Italy. She has been the President of the European Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities. She will remain at her place of residence, work remotely with fr Rui and make some visits with him.
Fr Rui is grateful for such generosity in the service to the laity of the Order.

(25 November 2014)