Protocol meeting between the Government Committee for Religious Affairs of Vietnam and the Master of the Order, Bro. Bruno CADORÉ, O.P.

 July 8, 2019 Biên Hòa, Vietnam

The head of the Government Committee for Religious Affairs of Vietnam, Vu Chien Thang, held (July 8, 9hrs) a meeting with the Master of the Order, Bro. Bruno CADORÉ.

The Master of the Order thanked the State of Vietnam for allowing the celebration of the First Elective General Chapter of the Order of Preachers in Asia, in a non-Christian country.

For his part, Mr. Vũ Chiến Thắng stressed that the Communist Party and the State of Vietnam recognize the contribution of the Catholic faithful to the progress of the nation. In addition, over the past few years, the Vietnamese government and the Catholic Church have promoted links based on dialogue and the spirit of sharing mutual interest in strengthening the religious community and furthering the country’s development.

The meeting is significant. Mr. Vũ Chiến Thắng greeted the friars with a beautiful floral arrangement and memorial plaques. The flowers delivered in the Hall of Honor of the Seminary complement the decoration of the building, full of Bamboo, this plant is the symbol of the Christian who has been bent by storms, but never broken, remains standing.

This protocolary activity was coordinated by the General Secretary of the Chapter, Bro. Joseph NGO SI DINH, O.P., who accompanied fray Bruno CADORÉ. A delegation of friars was also present: Bro. Joseph NGUYEN (Prior Provincial of Vietnam), Bro. Pablo SICOULY, Bro. Orlando RUEDA, Bro. Gerard TIMONER and Bro. Alain ARNOULD.

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