The Permanent Commission for the Promotion of Studies held its annual meeting recently at Santa Sabina from 20-22 April. The Socius for Studies began the meeting with a review of his report to the General Chapter of Bologna and then provided a brief overview of the five academic institutions and convents under the Immediate Jurisdiction of the Master.
Next, the coordinators of regents for Asia-Pacific, North America, Africa, and Europe, as well as a member of the Commission from South America, gave reports on the meetings of provincials and regents that have taken place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Amecameca, Mexico, Luanda, Angola, and Dubrovnik, Croatia over the last eighteen months.
The General Chapter of Trogir mandated these meetings to promote collaboration among the centers of studies in the different regions of the Order, and the regents gave progress reports on the steps that have been taken. The positive results and the different ways that the regions have chosen to collaborate were seen as hopeful signs for the future.
Over the course of the three-day meeting, the Commission considered the question of a theological vision for the Order, the creation of a network of the Orders libraries that could be accessed through digital catalogues of their collections, the issue of publications of the Order and their dissemination among the provinces, and strategies for preparing future professors for our centers of study.
On this last point there were several proposals, including posting on the Orders website academic positions in the institutions under the immediate jurisdiction of the Master that must be filled in the next five-years, a scholarship fund to provide future teachers for the institutions under the Master, and an apprenticeship program so that doctoral students could be prepared to teach in our institutions.
The Commission also reflected on the process for evaluating candidates for the Master in Sacred Theology, reviewed the petitions to the General Chapter of Bologna that concern the intellectual life of the Order, and discussed possible changes for membership in the Permanent Commission for the Promotion of Study.
Present at the meeting were fr. Romulo (Roy) Rodriguez (Coordinator of regents for Asia-Pacific), fr. Paul Akin-Otiko (Coordinator of regents for Africa) fr. Bryan Kromholtz (Coordinator of regents for North America), fr. Srecko Koralija (Coordinator of regents for Europe) and the three members appointed directly by the Master of the Order, fr. Benot-Dominique de la Soujeole, fr. Michal Paluch, and fr. Jorge Scampini. fr. Michael Mascari, the Socius for Studies presided. fr. Pablo Sicouly, the newly appointed Promotor of Formation and Intellectual Life for the region of CIDALC was unable to attend.
The next meeting of the Commission will take place on 19-21 April 2017.
fr Michael Mascari, OP

(04 May 2016)