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On September 16, a large weapon fell on Moe Thao Pagoda ,Moe Bre city, in Shan State. Two children under age 10- and two-men aged 50 died when a weapon fell on the monastery. According to the locals, the military started to fire at night on September 15th. After fighting, the military cut the phone line and internet.

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On September 16, At around 1 p.m., military helicopters, MI-35s, swooped down from the sky and opened fire on their target with their machine guns. Their target was not a battleground but a school where about 200 young students were attending classes. The aerial attack went on for nearly one hour, killing nine children, including two 7-year-olds, as well as six adults in the compound.

Right after the airstrikes, infantry troops encroached and attacked the school, which is located in a monastery in Let Yet Kone Village, Depayin, Sagaing. Two more children were killed by the soldiers.

The students were shot with guns in the school opened in the village monastery compound and the adults who were killed were shot in the head when they were caught in the raid into the village.

“Just kill me, as it hurts too much,” 7-year-old Phone Tay Za, who lost a limb and was hit in the lower part of his body, requested of his mom, who rushed to help him. He soon died.

Read the full article on www.irrawaddy.com (checked on November 30, 2022)

On September 18, a female physician, 18 years old, stepped on a mine set up by the military council and died in Demoso Town, Kayinni state.

In the morning September 19, the military council troops burnt down around 50 houses in Nyangdung West village, Myain Towinship in Magway Division.

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