A God on Man’s Trail

A God on Man’s Trail

A winter school for Dominican friars

An Ideal Location

Istanbul is the place where two continents and many cultures meet. In the city with three names (Byzantium, Constantinople and Istanbul) and located among three seas (the Marmara Sea, the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus) you can stroll among the remnants of ancient Roman palaces, gorgeous Ottoman mosques and mysterious medieval Latin neighborhoods.
Istanbul is not only the place where Muslims and Christians live side by side. It is also the home of many Oriental Christian churches. Notably, on the shores of the Golden Horn lies the church of Saint George, seat of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. On the other side of the ancient city you will find the Armenian Apostolic Patriarchate. Not far from Taksim square, the very heart of the Turkish capital city, you can meet the Syriac Metropolite and the Chaldean Bishop.
Istanbul has been a crucial place for defining the tenets of our faith. Nicea is located a couple of hours away from old Constantinople and Chalcedon lies on its Anatolian shore. Istanbul itself has been the seat of four ecumenical councils.

A Winter School for Dominican Friars

For all these reasons, Istanbul is the best place to relate a Christian theological reflection on the wider ecumenical and interreligious debate. Therefore, the Dominican friars of Istanbul, through DoSt-I, their study institute, would like to offer to their brethren a winter school focusing on a Christological debate among Christian communities.
The objective of the programme is come together to learn how Christians have thought and continue to think about the God incarnate. Through classes, discussions, meetings with witnesses, visits to significant historical sites and moments of shared liturgy, we will be able to experience the living faith of Syriac, Armenian and Greek Orthodox Christians.

The Winter School will be the first step on a journey towards the Seventeenth Centenary of the Council of Nicea (325-2025). We would like to foster a five-year period of activities, initiatives and cultural projects revolving around the notion of the relationship between God and man, real and reciprocal despite the incommensurability between the two partners of the alliance. This is because through the use of the category of kenosis, one implies not only the possibility of man of being capax Dei, but also the possibility that God himself is capax hominis. Above all, the opportunity to rethink some aspects of an “Islamic Christology” will also be made possible.
In summer, a second programme will be offered in collaboration with the Ideo focusing on Jesus in Islam.

The Programme of the Winter School

The Chalcedonian formula must be read in the polemical context that generated it: a historical reconstruction of the question of the “crisis” and the “Christological dissent” of the fourth and fifth centuries.
Nestorians and monophysites have since then constituted non-Chalcedonian churches: the Assyrian of the East, the Orthodox Coptic, the Ethiopian Orthodox, the Orthodox Eritrea, the Syro-Orthodox, the Syro-Orthodox Malankara, the Syro-Malankara Orthodox, the Armenian Apostolic.
Of course, the loss of the Christological consensus determined by the refusal of Ephesus and Chalcedon was mixed with intricate questions of ecclesiastical politics, economic interests, and cultural and linguistic misunderstandings, as well as ill will. A synthetic presentation of this intricate panorama and of the ecclesiological and ritual picture that emerges is needed (in connection with the present and active communities in Istanbul).

29/12 Sunday Arrivals
30/12 Monday Introductory Session: The Christological question
with Antonio Olmi
31/12 Tuesday Iconoclasm and its art visit to Haghia Sophia
with Claudio Monge and Silvia Pedone
01/01 Wednesday Orthodox Christologies visit to Ayon biri Kilisesi Unkapani and the Ecumenical Patriarchate
with Antonio Olmi and Nicholas Wrywoll
02/01 Thursday Chora ton Zoon: The Christ in the mosaics of the Saint Saviour visit to Kariye Muzesi
with Silvia Pedone
03/01 Friday The Armenian Church and its Christology
with Mons. Zevon Zekiyan
03/01 Friday The Syriac Church and its Christology visit to the Syriac Patriarchate with Zeki Demir
04/01 Saturday Concluding Session
with Antonio Olmi and Claudio Monge
05/01 Sunday Departures

Teaching Staff:

  • Fr. Antonio Olmi op (Facoltà Teologica dell’Emilia Romagna),
  • Fr. Claudio Monge op (DoSt-I)
  • dott.ssa Silvia Pedone (Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei)
  • Mons. Zevon Zekiyan (Università Ca’ Foscari)
  • Fr. Nichola Wrywoll (Regensburg Universitaet)
  • Zekay Zeki Demir (Süryani Ortodoks Metropolitliği).

Dates: From 29 December 2019 to 5 January 2020.

Location: Istanbul and the Dominican priory of St Piyer in Galata.

Inscription fee: € 50 to be paid upon registration through bank transfer to

PROVINCIA SAN DOMENICO IN ITALIA Via Giuseppe Antonio Sassi 3 20123 MILANO Agenzia: Milano-Cadorna IBAN: IT07U0200801628000004913354 BIC SWIFT: UNCRITM1228

Reason: *Your name* Istanbul

There are no boarding costs.

Registration deadline: 1 December 2019. Max. participants 12 people.

For further information please contact info@senpiyer.org

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