15th Day – General Chapter of Diffinitors

General Chapter of Definitors
Fifteenth day
Tultenango, July 30, 2022

Today, the capitulars began their day with the recitation of lauds. On this occasion, the celebration of the Eucharist was at noon with a special feature: the first profession of eight novices of the Province of Santiago de Mexico. The Eucharist was presided over by Friar Gerard Francisco Timoner III, OP, Master of the Order, and concelebrated by Friar Luis Javier Rubio Guerrero, OP, Provincial of the Province of Santiago de Mexico, and Friar Francisco Quijano León, OP, Master of Novices.

In his homily, the Master of the Order, addressing the eight novices who professed the evangelical counsels, told them: “Dear brothers Josephfat, Lorenzo, Enrique, Mauricio, Mauricio, Ángel, Raúl, Fernando and Santiago, today you will give your word, you will make a promise before God and before the people of God. You will do what is inconceivable to most of your contemporaries: promise a future that is not in your hands, give what you do not fully possess, your lives, your futures. Did not Saint Augustine say: “You cannot give what you do not have”? You will dare to say “Yes” to a future that is not in your hands, because you firmly believe that the future is in the loving and merciful hands of God.”

Then he added: “You will dare to make a promise, not because you have proved faithful, but because you love God, who keeps his word, who remains faithful, even if we are unfaithful. God is powerful and faithful because what he promises, he keeps. And the power of God shines through us when we keep our word, when we remain faithful to our vows. The Order, through the brothers of the Province of Santiago, will also dare to welcome you, as brothers, because we share the same vocation and the same love for a loyal God, who remains faithful to his promises”.

Following the Eucharist, after sharing food, the capitulars resumed their work. Commission number six, “Structures for Mission,” presented its work to the plenary. Unless the dialogue takes longer than expected, this commission will have finished presenting its work by Monday morning. If approved by the capitulars, Monday will be followed by the presentation of the work of commission number five, “Resources for the Mission,” which will be reviewed and discussed by the capitulars.

After vespers, following dinner, before the end of the day, the Mexican friars shared with the capitulars a corner of the “Day of the Dead”. The colorful Mexican tradition, declared by UNESCO as cultural heritage of humanity, was present through a short procession of friars with candles in their hands, singing the hymn de profundis to honor the dead, and finally, tasting the Oaxacan chocolate and pan de muerto made (beforehand) by our Dominican nuns exclusively for the capitular friars.

As they say in Mexico, “You have to live smiling to die happy” because “in this painful world no one escapes death”. We ask your prayers for the health of the capitulars. May God take care of them always.

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