Please join us in praying for our brother Denis Geraghty OP, who died last night (Monday, 22nd of October) at our priory in London. He was born on 26th April 1929, growing up in Manchester and training and working as a nurse before entering the Order, where he made Profession on 14th December 1976. He was ordained priest on 28th June 1980.
He lived and worked in several houses of the Province, including London, where he was prior, and Oxford, where he was Student Master. A few years ago he moved back to London, and continued to play his part in the life of the community and parish, faithfully attending the Conventual Office and Mass right up to the day he died. After a deterioration of general health and mobility in recent months, he died peacefully in his sleep. May he rest in peace.
Hear with favour our prayers, which we humbly offer, O Lord, for the salvation of the soul of Denis, your servant and Priest, that he, who devoted a faithful ministry to your name, may rejoice in the perpetual company of your saints. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.