École Biblique Launches French Version of BibleArt App

Dominicans in the Holy Land continue to cultivate and promote peace.

In the heart of the Holy Landwhich continues to be afflicted by violence, twenty friars hailing from five continents reside together in the convent of Saint-Etienne where they continue their efforts to cultivate and promote peace.

“Faithful to our mission to give to others the fruits of our contemplation, we have launched the BibleArt application, a new annotated translation of the Bible,” report the friars of the French Biblical and Archaeological School of Jerusalem. BibleArt is a project of the research programme “The Bible in its Traditions”, promoted by the last four Masters of the Order and three General Chapters (Krakow 2004, Bogota 2007 and Trogir 2013).

The fruit of research at the École Biblique, BibleArt offers free content in a digital format accessible to all.  In addition to the new translation, the app includes hundreds of images, videos and maps. These resources makes it possible to rediscover familiar texts, to explore biblical places and to find new ideas for preaching.

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