On the 8th of January, after the Mass of the Holy Spirit, the Capitular friars of the Province of Hispania elected their definitors, councillors and delegates to the General Chapter.
Seeking assistance from above before elections is always important. It ensures that the election is done in peace and in good faith. It is more important because in the Dominican life, elections are not just about popularity or having the highest votes, they are more about finding the brothers that would help us live more fraternally and also help animate our mission.
The Eucharist was presided over by fr Emilio Gracia Alvarez, the Prior of Caleruega. In his homily, he dwelt on the scene of the election of Matthias in the book of Acts of the Apostles and the text of the Gospel of John where Jesus told his disciples, You did not choose me, rather I chose you.
Following the guidelines of the Constitutions of the Order, the following brothers were elected:
As definitors:
Fernando Vela Lpez
Martn Gelabert Ballester
Francisco J. Rodrguez Fassio
Juan Carlos Cordero de la Hera
Vicente Botella Cubells
Francisco Javier Carballo Fernndez
Lster R. Zayas Daz
Moiss Prez Marcos
As Councillors:
Ricardo Lpez Lpez
Emilio Barceln Maicas
Oscar Jess Fernndez Navarro
Javier Garzn Garzn
As Supplementary Councillors:
Manuel Santos Snchez
Ricardo de Luis Carballada
As Delegates to the Elective General Chapter of 2019
Definitor: Javier Carballo Fernndez
Socius to the Definitor: Martn Gelabert Ballester
Socius of the Prior Provincial to the Elective General Chapter of 2019: Miguel de Burgos Nez
Definitor to the first General Chapter: Ricardo de Luis Carballada
Socius of the Definitor: Juan Lus Mediavilla Garca

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(09 January 2016)