The Constitution and Ordinations of the Order (LCO 57) reminds us that, the celebration of the liturgy is the centre and heart of all our life, the basic source of our unity. This essential dimension of our life is further emphasized by the recent General Chapter of Trogir 2013 when it invited each community to, celebrate the liturgy as an expression of the life of faith and an act of preaching (ACG Trogir 2013, 63).
It is in this perspective that the Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cador institutes the new Liturgical Commission and appoints its members. The members are;
fr. Jos Filipe Da Costa (Province of Portugal) – President
fr. David Caron (Province of St Martin the Porres, USA)
fr. Thomas Moller (Province of Teutonia, Germany)
fr. Dominik Jurczak (Province of Poland)
sr. Ragnhild Bjelland. (The Dominican Sisters of Notre Dame de Grce (Chatillon) Oslo)
Other assisting members are,
fr. Joseph Nguyn Van Hin (Province of Vietnam)
fr. Manuel Eduardo Solrzano Zerpa (Vicariate of Venezuela, Province of the Holy Rosary)
The tasks of the commission includes;
– Promoting liturgical life and prayer in the Order, in particular the preparation of liturgical Latin editions and preparing the Ritual of the Order.
– As requested by the General Chapter of Trogir (Trogir ACG 2013, 64), the Commission specifically monitors the progress of the translations of the Proprium Ordinis Praedicatorum. The Commission advises the Master of the Order on the approval of these editions and presentation to the Holy See for confirmation.
– Informs the Order of important news and – or scientific data about liturgy.
– Maintain contacts with those responsible for initial and ongoing formation in the provinces, monasteries, congregations and groups of the Dominican family, to know what is going on in their liturgical life and prayer and-or to make suggestions.
– As part of the celebration of the Jubilee of the Order, the Commission will propose in early 2016 a dossier of significant texts published in the Order which could support the effort of the brothers, communities and provinces to advance this dimension of our liturgical tradition.
– To promote scientific research in the field of liturgy within the Order, especially on important matters concerning the liturgical history and patrimony of the Order.
– Promote liturgical creativity within the Order, encouraging the brothers to take account of the diversity of cultures in the Order.
The appointment is for a six year term.

(23 July 2014)