Keeping with the tradition which began some years ago, all the Provincials, Vice Provincials and Vicar Generals who were elected or reelected since last year gathered at Santa Sabina for a workshop. The workshop is aimed at familiarizing the new superiors with the personalities and the operations of the General Curia. It is also an avenue to rob minds with them on the expectations of their office.
The following brothers were at the workshop; Gregory Carroll (Ireland), Gerard Timoner III (The Philippines), Carlos Caceres (Central America), John Kusumalayam (India), Sikosiphi Mgoza (South Africa) and Fernando Delgado (Bolivia). These brothers are serving their first term in office. Joining them were brothers who are serving their second term; Johannes Bunnenberg (Teutonia, Germany), John Farrell (England), Anto Gavric (Croatia), Kevin Saunders (Australia), Reginald Slavskovsky (Slovakia) and Roger Houngbedji (West Africa).
During the workshop, the provincials had the opportunity to meet with the Socii, Promoters and all those working in the General Curia. The brothers shared with them on the concerns of their individual offices. The Procurator of the Order, fr Philippe Tox shared with them on canonical issues, Hilario Provecho (Syndic of the Order) on financial issues, Dominic Izzo on the Solidarity Board, Michael Mascari on studies, Wojciech Delick on the Dominican family, Eric Salobir on communications and Jose Gabriel Mesa on the preparation for the jubilee of the Order. Other brothers were also at hand to meet with them; Vincent Lu, Javier Pose, Carlos Rodriquez Linera, Gabriel Samba and Pedro Luis Gonzalez.
The Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cador who was away on canonical visitations, came back to join the programme. He met with the provincials as a group and shared with them on studies, preaching and the missions. He also met with them individually, he listened and shared with them on their peculiar challenges and he encouraged them.
In the absence of the Master, the progamme was organized by his Vicar, fr Vivian Boland who was ably assisted by fr Prakash Lohale. They made sure the progamme was not all work and no play. In between sessions, the provincials has the opportunity to visit interesting locations. Starting with a guided tour of Santa Sabina, visitations to the Angelicum, the Dominican Monastery at Monte Mario and interesting sites at Fossanova and Monte Cassino.
During the entire programme, the new provincials had the opportunity to interact with one another and the entire community of Santa Sabina. They shared the life of the community at prayers, meals and recreations. The hope is that this experience will have a positive impact on their work as the major superiors of their different entities.
(March 25, 2013)