New Vicar of the Master of the Order for Santa Sabina

Nomination of Fr. Alain ARNOULD, O.P. as the new Vicar of the Master of the Order for Santa Sabina

The Master of the Order, Fr. Bruno Cador O.P., appointed Fr. Alain ARNOULD, O.P. as Vicar for the convent of Santa Sabina in Rome. He succeeds Fr. Viliam Doci, O.P. The Master also thanked brother Viliam for his work in the community and sent him his best wishes for the position at the Institutum Historicum Ordinis Praedicatorum(President since 2015).

Brother Alain was born in 1961 in Bruges where he grew up in a wonderful family. He studied Marketing and Arts History in Ghent, London and Cambridge University. He joined the Dominicans during his doctoral studies (PhD). He was part of an audacious and extraordinary project in the Province of England, with a lay community of the Cambridge Priory. No less than 6 religious vocations were born from this project, including 5 for the Dominican family.

After giving lectures at the University of London for a year, Fr. Alain joined the Belgian entity of the Order. His years of formation were spent in the following cities: Strasbourg, Froidmont, Lille and London. He made his first profession in 1994 and was ordained a priest in 1999.

In 2001, he participated in the founding of the International Priory St. Dominic in Brussels. For sixteen years, he was the Chaplain of the Artists of Brussels, which gave him the opportunity to take initiatives in visual arts, music and theatre in order to build a bridge between the Church and the Arts. He was an expert in medieval manuscripts and, thanks to this ministry, he became a passionate advocate of contemporary artistic expressions. It is certainly based on this experience of Fr. Alain that the Master of the Order had entrusted him with the coordination of the Artistic Jubilee Exhibition “Auguri” which took place in Santa Sabina, Rome, as part of the Order’s Jubilee celebrations (winter 2016)

The Master of the Order, Fr. Bruno Cador, had nomited Fr. Alain Arnould Socius for Northwest Europe and Canada in May 2017.

On March 5, his nomination was read to the community of the convent of Santa Sabina.

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