The Dominican Family participated actively at the COP25 in Madrid

17th of December, 2019

The Dominican delegation

The last-minute change of venue – from Santiago de Chile to Madrid – impacted greatly the ability of civil society and indigenous organizations from Latin America to have a voice at the COP. Despite this unfortunate change, the Dominicans managed to have a delegation of 8 people at the COP in Madrid, composed of Ms. Laurence Blattmer, Fr. Xabier Gómez OP, Sr. Cecilia Espenilla, Sr. Marcela Zambrano, Ms. Mar Diaz, Ms. Alexia Gordillo Manzano, Ms. María Jesús Fernándes Llamera and Mr. Jose Carlos Alcazar Gonzalez.

Coming from various Dominican organizations, namely Dominicans for Justice and Peace, DSI Dominican Sisters international, Acción Verapaz, Samba Martine-Observatorio de Derechos Humanos and Selvas Amazonicas, the delegation brought rich and diverse experiences and perspectives in the discussions on climate change.

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