The General Chapter of Rome (2010) asked the Master of the Order to appoint a committee of cooperator brothers to organize an international congress of cooperator brothers to focus on the re-visioning and renewal of the vocation and ministry of the Dominican cooperator brother for our time (ACG Rome, 218). This committee, under the guidance of fr Ignatius Perkins worked on this project and produced a report titled, Dominican Cooperator Brother Study 2013: Dedicating Ourselves to God, Following Christ to Lead an Evangelical Life in the Order (LCO 189, I) This report was presented to the General Chapter of Trogir 2013 and it was also sent to all the Prior Provincials, Vicars General and Vicars Provincial.
In December 2013, fr Bruno Cador set-up the Commission for Cooperator Brothers and charged them with the responsibility of reviewing the study, distilling its conclusions and proposing concrete ways of implementing them. The Commission is to recommend concrete actions that could be carried out each year throughout the Jubilee and beyond. Fr Bruno wants the study to serve as a catalyst for the renewal of the vocation of the cooperator brother in the Order. Therefore, he does not want the study to end up on bookshelves but in the hearts of the brothers in the Order.
The following are the members of the Commission for Cooperator Brothers:
fr Ignatius Perkins (Province of St Joseph, USA)
fr Roberto Clark (Province of St Augustine, Argentina)
fr Jose Bolabato Bolebanza (General Vicariate of DRC)
fr Jacque Ambec (Province of Toulouse)
fr Joseph Mai Van Tuyen (Province of Viet Nam)
fr Maciej Nitecki (Province of Poland)
The Commission is assisted by fr Dominic Izzo, Socius of the Master for USA.
The Commission just concluded its meeting at the Convent of Santa Sabina (June 2-4) where it deliberated extensively on the Study and other issues concerning the vocation and ministry of cooperator brothers in the Order. We await the fruits of their reflections.

(08 June 2015)