Hymn to St. Margaret of Città di Castello

Ray of Sun

The mountains of the Marches
Your native territory
Where Faith embraced and kissed you
With the baptismal water,
Hail you and proudly name you
The fairest of our flowers,
The loveliest of blossoms,
Saint Margaret!

No ray of sunshine entered
To light your sightless pupils,
But down from Heaven in splendour
Came incandescent glory
To fill your contemplation
With ecstasy and wonder
At God made man among us,
Saint Margaret!

Rejected and abandoned,
You put your trust in Jesus:
A melody from Heaven
Led you along his pathway.
Teach us to ask his guidance
On life’s uncharted journey,
Following your example,
Saint Margaret!

You were a prudent virgin
Who waited for the bridegroom,
Your lamp of steadfast virtue
That shed its light around you
Flooding you with the glory
Of Christian expectation,
Still burns as we salute you,
Saint Margaret!

We come to you in prayer,
In humble supplication,
That still you will protect us
From sin and from defilement,
So that one day in Heaven
We may remain for ever
Praising the Lord Eternal,
Saint Margaret!

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