Common Dominican Projects regarding Children in India

Project Bloom

In Nagpur district, this project is implemented in the Yuvajyothi Children’s Home by Dominican friars in collaboration with Dominican Sisters of the Presentation and Dominican Laity Nagpur Chapter through their registered organization known as Indian Centre for Integrated Development (ICID). The project strives to rescue children and female youth from exploitative, abusive and other disadvantaged situations such as streets, pavement dwellings, work places, children begging or rummaging in waste or neglected children and to provide a protective environment where a child finds a safe, dignified and child-friendly atmosphere including their rehabilitation with their families. This is done through various programs such as street outreach, formation of children’s groups, counselling, life skill education, educational support and sponsorship, provision of safe shelter for children in need, organizing child right awareness and advocacy programs. 

Safe Childhood: Breaking the silence and preventing incidences of Child Sexual Exploitation

This project, established by the promoters for Justice and Peace in India, is based on the need for training of the members of the Dominican Family.  As all the entities in India are involved in protection and education of children, the project aims to equip members with skills in dealing with victims and situations of child sexual abuse. 

The project involves developing a curriculum to train the members and their collaborators in their respective ministries on:

  • child sexual exploitation, 
  • prevention strategies, 
  • symptomatic identification of children suffering abuse and providing support to affected children, 
  • formal and informal dialogue and networking with relevant government agencies, 
  • supporting and preparing for personal safety lessons in child based institutions, 
  • reporting cases for appropriate care and services with the involvement of family members,
  • providing preventive information and increasing the knowledge and life skills of children to understand sexual exploitation and appropriately report the same in time,
  • strengthening families by helping the parents to understand their children’s issues and learn to help their children be free from sexual exploitation,
  • providing nurturing support by visiting the at-risk families at home and ensure family counseling and parenting support. 
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