The Provincial Chapter of the Province of Spain meeting at the Convent of Santo Domingo de Caleruega has reelected fr Javier Carballo as Prior Provincial.
Fr Javier was born in Bustiello (Mieres). He did his initial studies at the Escuela Apostlica de la Virgen del Camino (Len). He entered the Order at the age of 18, made his first religious profession in 1985 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1993. He did his philosophical and theological studies at Valladolid and Salamanca respectively. He studied theology further at Comillas University and Universidad Complutense de Madrid where he obtained his doctorate. He has been a professor at the Faculty of Theology of San Esteban in Salamanca.
Fr Javier was first elected in 2006 and reelected in 2009. This reelection is his third consecutive term in office as Prior Provincial. Under normal circumstances, a Prior Provincial can only be elected for two consecutive terms. However, under special circumstance, a third consecutive term could be allowed with the majority support of the chapter delegates and the approval of the Master of the Order. These conditions have been met for the second reelection of Fr Javier
(04 September 2013)