Many are wondering : What happened to the General Vicariate of Southern Africa, since the General Chapter of Bologna has declared that the process of restructuring of the Order into provinces, vice- provinces and provincial vicariates initiated at the Rome Chapter (ACG Rome 2010, 201-209) and approved at the Trogir Chapter (ACG Trogir 2013, 154-161) is completed (AGC Bologna 2016, n 161) ? Here is the answer to your question.
The General Chapter of Bologna declared that the two General Vicariates which remained on the list namely, the General Vicariates of Taiwan and of South Africa are now established as vice-provinces (AGC Bologna 2016, n 164). This decision has taken effect since the promulgation of the Acts of this General Chapter by the Master of the Order, Brother Bruno Cador, on the 8th of August 2016, Solemnity of our Father Saint Dominic (cf. Litterae Promulgatonis, Prot. 50-16-558 Bologna_2016).
The Chapter of Bologna commissions the Master of the Order to complete the restructuring of the Order and to set up a process of accompaniment, of collaboration, and of evaluation of the consolidation of the two entities. He is also to present the state of their evolution to the General Council once a year (n 164). In addition, the Chapter of Bologna commissions the Master of the Order to direct his socii or specific provinces to assist the new entities which have emerged to develop the structures necessary for them to realize their autonomy as vice-provinces (n162).
Next year (2017), the Dominicans in South Africa will celebrate a special moment of grace, that is the centennial anniversary of the Dominican foundation by the Province of England in 1917 followed by a foundation by the Province of the Netherlands in 1931 and the merger of the two which became the General Vicariate of Southern Africa in 1968. The Brothers will take this occasion to celebrate officially the passage to the statute of Vice-province, hopefully, in the presence of the Master of the Order, Brother Bruno Cador.
The Vice- province of Southern Africa has 35 brothers, two priories (Mondeor – Johannesburg and Emaphethelweni -Pietermaritzburg), two houses (Springs and Welkom). The Brothers are involved in differents apostolates : parish ministry, teaching at the university, Justice and Peace, care of the children and the poors, media (Radio Veritas), chaplancies, among others.
We congratulate our Brothers, we encourage them and continue to pray for them so that they complete fully their process.
fr Gabriel Samba, op

(12 october 2016)