The Master has convoked the first Chapter and appointed the first Prior Vice Provincial.

The approval has been given for the erection of the Vice Province of Bolivia which will integrate brothers from the provincial vicariates of the provinces of St Albert, Teutonia (Germany) and St Albert the Great (USA).

In the same decree of canonical erection which will take effect on January 14, 2013, the Master of the Order, Bro. Bruno Cador OP, convoked the first chapter of the Vice Province which will take place in January 2013 and appointed Bro. Fernando Delgado Flrez as the first Prior Vice Provincial.
According to the Decree signed by the Master;
“The erection of the new Vice-Province of Bolivia is a joy not only for Bolivia but for the entire Order. It extends, with gratitude, the legacy of the brothers who for five centuries have preached on this continent and particularly so manifest fertility of the work in recent decades by the Friars of the provinces of St. Albert Teutonia and the U.S. A. ”
He asserted further that;
“the union of the two in a Vice Province will give new impetus to the mission of the Order in Bolivia and strengthen their specific contribution to the local Church. This union is made to start the Year of Faith, in a time when the whole Church feels called to a renewal of its mission of evangelization, which is her deepest identity. In this dynamics, the new Vice Province is called to be the ‘holy preaching’ in Bolivia: unanimous in fraternal life in common, consecrated to the Word of God at work in the world, faithful to the evangelical counsels, fervent in celebrating liturgy and prayer, assiduous in study, ”
The Vice Province will be called “Vice Province of Bolivia” and its territory will be the entire country of Bolivia. The first chapter will be held in the Convent of San Judas Tadeo of Cochabamba from 14 January 2013. This was the date indicated in the canonical decree and approved by the General Council of the Order, in Santa Sabina.
After consultation with the brothers, the Master appointed the first Prior Provincial, while the other officers are appointed by the Chapter of the Vice Province, as determined by the Constitutions of the Order.
Bro. Javier Pose, Socius for Latin America and the Caribbean, will chair the inaugural Mass and the first session of the Chapter. When the new Prior Provincial makes the profession of faith, he will take possession of his office and chair the remaining parts of the Chapter.