The Permanent Commission for the Promotion of Studies

The commission which is led by the Socius for Intellectual Life, fr Michael Mascari meets annual to reflection on issues concerning the academic life of the Order and to advice the Master of the Order and the General Chapter accordingly.
At this years meeting, among its tasks were the final review of the proposed Ratio Studiorum Generalis before it is sent to the provinces for their comments. In addition, the coordinators of the regents of CIDALC, Asia-Pacific, and North America gave reports on the meetings of provincials and regents that took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and Amecameca, Mexico, over the last seven months. These meetings were mandated by the General Chapter of Trogir to promote collaboration among the centers of studies in the different regions of the Order. The positive results and the different ways that the regions have chosen to collaborate were seen as hopeful signs for the future.
The meeting of provincials and regents for the region of Africa will take place in Luanda, Angola, in December of 2015. The Commission also discussed the current challenges that the European provinces face in addressing the question of collaboration among their centers of studies.
Mr. Bernard Perez, the webmaster of the Order, made a presentation on the Atrium intranet site for Regents and showed the Commission how to use the wiki that will serve as a new data base for professors of the Order.
Finally, the Socius for Studies presented reports on each of the institutions under the immediate jurisdiction of the Master and received the observations of the Commission.
Present at the meeting were fr. Luis Javier Rubio Guerrero (Mexico, Coordinator of regents for CIDALC), fr. Romulo (Roy) Rodriguez (Philippines, Coordinator of regents for Asia-Pacific), fr. Bryan Kromholtz (Most Holy Name, USA, Coordinator of regents for North America), and the three members appointed directly by the Master of the Order, fr. Benot-Dominique de la Soujeole (Switzerland), fr. Michal Paluch (Poland), and fr. Jorge Scampini (Argentina). fr. Michael Mascari, the Socius for Studies presided.
The next meeting of the Commission will take place on 20-22 April 2016.

(24 April 2015)

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