Appointment of the Members of the Theological Commission on the Vocation of the Cooperator Brother in the Order and in the Church

The Master of the Order has appointed Members of the Commission that is requested by the last General Chapter (ACG 2019 Biên Hòa, 199):

  • fr. Vivian Boland (Ireland)
  • fr. Andrew Hofer (St Joseph USA)
  • fr. Felicisimo Martinez (Rosary Province)
  • fr. Anthony Akinwale (Nigeria)
  • fr. Francis Nguyen Van Nhut (Vietnam)
  • fr. Franklin Buitrago Rojas (Colombia)
  • sr. Hedvig Deák (Hungary)
  • Erik Borgman (Netherlands)
  • fr. Joseph Trout (St. Albert USA).

The commission will focus its theological reflection on the specific vocation of the branches of the Dominican Family within the broader context of the Church which is an ordered communion. This shift in focus will avoid repetition of significant studies on cooperator-brothers undertaken by previous commissions. More importantly, it will look at how the richness of the Dominican vocation, exemplified in distinct ways by the different branches of the Family, serve the Church and the world.

Br. Vivian Boland shall serve as chair of the commission. Br. Mark Padrez, Vicar of the Master and Socius for Fraternal Life and Formation shall serve as liaison between the Theological Commission and the Permanent Commission for the Cooperator Brothers.

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