Basilica de Santa Sabina all'Aventino - Entrata

Basilica of Santa Sabina will stay closed for health prevention of COVID19 from the 3rd of April, 2020

Dominican friars thank you for your understanding for all people full of faith who come to pray in the Basilica of Santa Sabina and also to whom visit it for its great historical value.

At the health level, we are living a moment of co-responsibility and for this reason we do not want to expose people to a virus whose nature and spread are still unknown.

According to the Decree of Cardinal Vicar Angelo De Donatis of March 12, 2020, it has been established:

S.Sabina all'Aventino - Vista dal Giardino degli aranci
  1. “Until Friday, April 3, 2020, all the faithful are prohibited from accessing the parish and non-parish churches of the diocese of Rome, open to the public (cf. cc. 1214 ss. C.I.C.), and more generally to buildings of worship of any kind open to the public. Only the oratories of the permanently constituted communities (religious, monastic, etc.: cf. c. 1223 and ss. C.I.C.) remain accessible, limited to the same communities that habitually use them because they reside and cohabit in them, with access prohibition to the faithful who are not permanent members of these communities. ”

“Consequently, the faithful are exempt from the obligation to fulfill the precept of the feasts (cf. cc. 1246-1248 C.I.C.).”

“It will be up to the priests in charge of the exercise of worship in the different places (parish priests, rectors, chaplains, etc.) to take measures to follow up on this provision, first of all closing the rooms of worship and using any other initiative appropriate to this effect. ”

“Remember that this provision is for the common good. We welcome the words of Jesus who tells us “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” (Mt. 18.20). In this time, even more, our houses are house churches. ”

“I bless you, entrusting once more to the maternal intercession of Our Lady of Divine Love.” (Cardinal Vicar Angelo De Donatis)

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  • Elisabeth Vondrous, Lay dominican in Vienna
    Posted 15/03/2020 9:48 pm 0Likes

    In Vienna our Government issued also Isolation and Closing of most Shops. Also in France those measures are in place. I live now in Isolation in my home and use the time to Change my Approach to cleaning. I avoid all aggressive Household chemicals, I wash my Windows and balcony with pure water only. and my cough is gone I feel better. With healthy lungs we can resist any Virus much better. Doctor of nearby Hospital said Patient had defeated the Virus completely bud died because his lungs could not heal.

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