Domuni Universitas is looking for a FULL-TIME RECTOR

Domuni Universitas is looking for a FULL-TIME RECTOR, FOR A 5-YEAR TERM OF OFFICE

Domuni Universitas is a French institution of higher education and research that has an international and multilingual dimension. It has three faculties, two inter-faculty institutes and a research institute.
It encompasses nearly 350 professors and instructors, about 30 staff members and 5,000 students, who study mainly online, in synchronous and asynchronous fashions, through innovative teaching and pedagogical methods.
As an employer, Domuni Universitas encourages excellence and responsibility as well as the acknowledgement of the individual’s abilities and contributions.

Your duties

The candidate must be able to:

  • Lead all Domuni Universitas activities on a full-time basis, with primary attention to the academic development of the institution;
  • Manage the operating budgets and fundraising activities;
  • Lead a management team consisting of two vice-rectors and oversee the Board of Directors;
  • Develop his/her strategic vision and pursue the organizational process of an innovative institution in the face of political, religious, social, economic, scientific and technological challenges, as well as those related to sustainability.
  • Enhance the outreach of Domuni Universitas’ teaching and research at the national and international levels;
  • Represent Domuni Universitas and defend its interests in national and international bodies;
  • Develop collaborations with other institutions of higher education and research and to participate in the steering committees of formal partnerships with these institutions.

Your competencies

These must be demonstrated by having more than ten years of experience in the management of an institution of higher education and/or research.

  • Knowledge of the French and international university and academic environments
  • Proven skills in distance education
  • Knowledge of new technologies and technical and computer developments
  • Skills in management, managerial economics and fundraising
  • Legal and institutional competencies

Start date: September 1, 2023

Your profile

The candidate should have proven academic experience (PhD and more than 10 years’ experience as a teacher-researcher) in both teaching and research, mainly in distance education, and should have assumed responsibilities within an academic institution. The candidate should be dynamic, highly motivated, creative and innovative in order to meet the challenges of managing and developing a university.

The following qualities are particularly worth highlighting:

  • Commitment to the fundamental values of the university;
  • In-depth knowledge of the French and international university world, with knowledge of issues specific to Domuni being essential;
  • Ability to federate the university community, in particular through the faculties, institutes and various bodies of Domuni Universitas;
  • Ability to make decisions, with proven negotiation, communication and management skills (Social competencies);
  • Open-to-dialogue personality, with a strong ability to bring people together and work as a team;
  • Ability to develop a mobilizing vision and to translate it into strategic objectives;
  • Open-mindedness and excellent analytical skills;
  • Proven legal skills to lead the institutional strengthening of the university;
  • Knowledge of the French and international political, cultural and economic situations;
  • Perfect command of French, as well as a good knowledge of English.

Candidate’s Application File

The candidate’s application file must include a letter of motivation and intentions, a curriculum vitae, and a scientific portfolio including a list of publications and an academic record, in particular including past academic/teaching, institutional and administrative responsibilities, as well as a complete criminal record.

Applications should be sent by e-mail to the following address:

Application deadline: February 28, 2023.

For further information

The Commission is at your disposal for any additional information. All exchanges with the Commission will be completely confidential.
Please contact : +33 (0)6 10 81 47 12

According to the guidelines of the Conseil français supérieur de l’égalité professionnelle entre les femmes et les hommes [French Higher Council for Professional Equality between Women and Men], the Academic Senate is committed, on behalf of the entire institution that is in charge, to respecting equality between women and men in HR procedures, by having an “equality reflex” at each stage of the selection, election and appointment process of the future Rector (*).

(*) Full report in French:

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