Jubilee 2016: A Celebration of the Dominican Family

The International Board of the Dominican Family (IBDF) met on the 13th of September 2014 at Santa Sabina, Rome. This is the umbrella body of the entire Dominican family comprising of delegates and representatives of each branch of the family. It meets annually to discuss common goals and ways of working together as a family.
The highlight of this years meeting was the upcoming Jubilee of the Order. Fr Franklin Buitrago Rojas, the General Secretary of the Order and also the General Promoter of the Jubilee was at the meeting to intimate the members on the programme of the celebration and the preparations thus far. He stressed that it is a celebration of the entire Dominican family and each branch is to seek out the most suitable way to participate in the celebration. Although he presented the general proposals for the celebration, he emphasized the fact that most of the celebrations will be at the local levels; at the regions, countries, entities, convents etc. He urged the representatives to help promote the Jubilee by spreading information about the activities within their branch of the family. All information concerning the celebrations will be available on the Jubilee website of the Order.
The Board also reflected on the issue of ongoing formation, as it concerns each branch of the family. Fr Bruno Cador informed the Board that ongoing formation was an important issue at the last General Chapter of Trogir. After the sharing from each branch of the family, it was agreed that ongoing formation (which is different from ongoing studies or further studies) is an important source of the knowledge and zeal necessary for us to continue to strive in our life and mission individually. The family was asked to seek for ways of collaborating and assisting one another in the area of ongoing formation.
The following were present at the meeting;
fr Bruno Cador Master of the Order
fr Prakash Lohale Socius for Apostolic Life
fr Rui Carlos Lopes General Promoter for the Laity
fr Florentino Bolo Jr Coordinator of the Priestly Fraternities of the Order
Sr Inmaculada Serrano Posadas Delegate of the International Commission of Nuns.
Sr Marie Therese Clement International Coordinator of the Dominican Sisters International (DSI).
Ms Ann Hamilton Delegate of the Dominican Secular Institutes.
Mrs Adenike Emeke President of the International Council of the Lay Dominican Fraternities.
Mr Gabriel Silva Delegate of the Lay Dominican Fraternities.
Mr Jos Alberto de Blas Moncalvillo Coordinator of the International Commission of the Dominican Youths.
fr Bonaventure Agbali Secretary of the Board.
The Board will meet again next year to continue its reflections on the Jubilee and ongoing formation.
For pictures of the IBDF Meeting 2014, click here.

(18 September 2014)

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