Master of the Order Concludes Canonical Visitation of the Province of Poland

On 14 October 2023, the Master of the Order, Brother Gerard Francisco Timoner III, OP, concluded the second part of the canonical visitation of the Province of Poland, which commenced on 18 September 2023. Taking into account the territorial extension of the Province and the large number of friars belonging to it, the first part of the visitation was carried out between April and May in Belarus and the Vicariate of Ukraine.

In this second part, the Master of the Order was accompanied by his socii: Br. Alain Arnould, OP, Socius for Northern Europe and Canada; Br. Pablo Carlos Sicouly, OP, Vicar of the Master of the Order and Socius for the Intellectual Life; Br. Florentino Bolo, OP, Socius for the Apostolic Life; and Br. Jamshed Albert, OP, Socius for the Asia Pacific.

During the visit throughout the vast territory of the Province in Poland, the Master met with the friars both in communities and individually, the nuns of the Order and the members of the Dominican lay fraternities. Online meetings were likewise organised for communities outside the country: St. Petersburg, Jałta, and St. Mary’s (Sydney). The visit also provided an opportunity for the Master to meet with Bishop Jacek Kiciński in Wrocław, as well as to conduct preliminary planning with the Secretary General of the next General Chapter of the Order, which is to take place in July 2025 in Krakow.

Canonical visit: Province of Poland
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