From 19 t0 26 October 2017, the International Commission of Dominican Nuns met at Idice in Bologna in the company of fr Csar Valero Bajo, the General Promoter of the Nuns. The meeting took place at the House of Spirituality of the Dominican Sisters of Blessed Imelda.
There were 11 sisters representing all the regions of the world where there are Dominican monasteries. The sisters shared reports from their different regions, their challenges, achievements and dreams. The sisters were greatly assisted by fr Mario Javares who accompanied them as translator.
On the 21st of October, the sisters received fr Bruno Cador, the Master of the Order who encouraged them to continue to grow in bonds of communion, in the ever deeper knowledge of their identity as contemplative Dominicans and in the preaching mission of the Order so that their monasteries may be a true parable of communion.

(24 October 2017)