Fr Gerard TIMONER, OP is the new Master of the Order of Preachers

87th successor of Saint Dominic.

Biên Hòa (Vietnam), July 13th2019

After the Mass of the Holy Spirit, the plenary session of the General Chapter of the Order of Preachers met today, July 13th 2019, to elect the 88th Master of the Order, whose office will last for nine years (2019 – 2028).

It elected brother Gerard Francisco III TIMONER PARCO, born in Daet, Camarines Norte (Philippines), on 26 January. He is 51 years old. He made his first religious profession on  May 13th1989 and was ordained priest on May 14th1995.

He has been been Socius of the Master of the Order for Asia and the Pacific for the last three years. He is a native of the Philippines, where the first (non-elective) General Chapter was held in Quezon City in 1977. The General Chapter 2019 is the first one being held in Vietnam, a country where the main culture is not Catholic and where the Dominican Family has an important presence.

Brother Gerard Timoner has a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, a Licentiate in Sacred Theology and a Master’s degree in Theology.

Brother Gerard was elected member of the International Theological Commission of the Vatican, established by Pope Paul VI in 1969 to examine questions on doctrinal matters, in particular for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith


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    Hello Father, I feel a calling to be a chaplain for hospitals, senior homes and prisons. It is something we are lacking here.I have joined the Dominican Lay Order in Seattle Wa. I am becoming a EME at my new church as well. I know many of my lay brothers and sisters would like to be chaplains as well. As Dominicans I feel that becoming a chaplain falls within our pillars. Is this something that could be formalized and training provided and encouraged as a vocation? Can I also be a brother? I am 55 and married so I cant become a Friar. Thank you. God Bless, Dean Barnhart

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