Convocation IDYM – NJOO UONE – KENYA • 2020


International Dominican Youth Movement (IDYM) Members, all Dominican Youth, DYM Advisers (Lay and Religious) and OP Youth Promoters

Dear brothers and sisters,
We present greetings in Christ and in our father St. Dominic de Guzmán, wishing a Happy New Year to our fellow Dominican Youth, DYM Advisers and OP Youth Promoters!
In the first quarter of 2019, we announced our upcoming International Meeting and Assembly 2020.
This new year, we are happy to formally INVITE ALL Dominican Youth to NJOO UONE: IDYM International Meeting and Assembly 2020 in KENYA on JULY 15-23, 2020 (Meeting – July 15- 20; Assembly – July 21-23). The following are the objectives of our Meeting and Assembly:

  1. To be able to reflect and understand the importance and role of Youth as active participants inthe Mission of the Church
  2. To be able to apply this role of the Youth as active participants in the Mission of the Church inthe Dominican Context
  3. To be able to apply the Dominican Mission in our own respective contexts.

The theme for our meeting, “Njoo Uone”, is taken from “Come and see” of the Gospel of John 1:39. It is an invitation for all of us to witness to the joy of the Lord through the Dominican charism, as we reflect together on “Synergies between our life and mission”, as pointed out by the Acts of the General Chapter of the Order, held in Bien Hoa 2019.
In a few days, we will be together in Kenya, and we will be enjoying fraternity and the love that brings us together as a family. We hope that this will be a time for collective contemplation, and it will lead to sharing the fruits of our contemplation in service to humanity when we return to our homes and continue participating in the mission of the Order.
In this letter, we share the important information about the meeting and assembly. Please do read carefully the succeeding points/guidelines about our said gathering.


The International gathering is open to all members of IDYM and other Dominican Youth who are 18 years old and above, and to the respective DYM Youth Advisers and OP Youth Promoters (friars and sisters). Each local DYM or country is expected to have at least two (2) delegates including your respective adviser/promoter in the Meeting and Assembly. Moreover, we are encouraging bigger delegations from all DYMs or countries in the Meeting. Therefore, if you intend to send more than 10 delegates, this is most welcome; however please inform us to enable good coordination and accommodation.

The registration fee (including accommodation, food, transportation, kits, equipment, translators, assembly materials, etc.) is 160 USD per delegate, which covers the duration of our gathering, July 15-20, 2020 (for all participants), and July 21-23, 2020 (for assembly participants). For those delegates who are not part of the Assembly but intend to stay, additional fees will be paid (25-30 USD per day). One mode of payment will be On Arrival. For other modes of payment (online transfer), we shall be coordinating with you soon for the process and details.

All interested participants (OP Youth, Adviser and Promoters) shall register individually through our IDYM International Meeting and Assembly Inscription Form (Inscription Form), and provide all necessary and complete details to facilitate our registration process. We advise to please complete the registration as soon as possible.

For local DYMs or countries who are willing to donate for the Registration Fees or in support of other DYMs or countries in need of financial support, kindly inform us.


Once registered through the said inscription form, the organization of IDYM International Meeting and Assembly will be sending out the invitation letters based on the data registered in the Inscription Form, with which all participants will need in their visa application, alongside other requirements of the republic of Kenya for grant of entry visa.

Please also take note that you need to have a Proof of Yellow Fever Immunization, one of the important requirements for visa application and entry to Kenya.

For the full visa requirements and application, you may access the following links:

Do you qualify to apply for visa? You may access the following link to check the qualification of your country as some DYM countries are exempt from having to apply for entry visa into Kenya:


The organization could not include in the registration fee the health insurance. We, therefore, recommend personal hire of health insurance to cover the days that you will be in Kenya. Otherwise, for any incident that you could have, you must personally pay the expenses incurred, and these may be very high.

You must also bring medicines you may need.


  • JULY 14, 2020 (TUESDAY)
  • JULY 15 – 20, 2020 (WEDNESDAY – MONDAY)
  • JULY 21 – 23, 2020 (TUESDAY – THURSDAY)


All participants travelling by air are expected to arrive at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi, Kenya. Where necessary, a road port in Nairobi closest to the venue will be advised to those travelling by road. The organization will welcome all delegates at the airport and will provide transportation (group) from the airport to the venue of our gathering. Thus, all participants are encouraged to arrive in the morning and not later than 15:00 to have a smooth flow of transport.

The venue of our Meeting and Assembly is the St. Francis Spiritual Center (House of the Little Sisters of St. Francis). Should there be any changes in our venue, the organization will inform all the participants immediately.

The large number of participants (around 150-200) may compel some of us to share rooms, and the organization will see to it that the room assignments will be organized accordingly. The accommodation will provide beds, mattresses, mosquito nets and towels.


The highest temperature (average) in July will be 22°C (70°F). The lowest temperature (average) in July will be 10°C (50°F). With this, we recommend all participants to wear appropriate clothes. In addition, we recommend the checking of temperatures online days before the Meeting and Assembly.


Please be informed that the following points will be coordinated/announced/sent soon:

Details of the Program of the IDYM Meeting and Assembly

  1. Details of the Program of the IDYM Meeting and Assembly
  2. Required Presentations, Reports and Documents of DYMs
  3. International Assembly Program and Guidelines
  4. Other Matters

If you have concerns, questions, comments or clarifications, please feel free to contact us at:

Email addresses:, and

WhatsApp: +639179682369


Looking forward for your participation in this important gathering of the Dominican Youth. May God bless the whole Dominican Family!

We look forward to your participation in this meeting so important for young Dominicans and ask all members of the Dominican family prayer for the realization of the same.

Roma, January 2020.

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