Invitation of CODALC and the Federation of Dominican Sisters of Brazil to Participate in VI Predicarte

Ecologia, Arte y Predicación
VI Predic Arte
del 6 al 11 de octubre de 2024
Goiania Brasil
Centro Pastoral Dom Fernando Goiânia - Av Anápolis, 2020-Jardim das Aroeiras, Goiânia - GO, 74770-445

In response to the urgent need to protect the environment, CODALC and the Federation of Dominican Sisters of Brazil have decided to call on their creativity to reflect on and produce works of art that inspire efforts to allow life to flourish. Mindful that economic choices and the lack of ecological awareness put at risk the integrity of life on the planet, they invite you to participate in the VI Predicarte, which will be held 6 to 11 October 2024 at the Centro Pastoral Dom Fernando in Goiânia, Brazil.

Organizers explain in a press release, “In our meetings we seek the expression of our charism through beauty. Thus we dedicate time to prayer and celebration, to study of the chosen theme, to sharing about artistic experiences, to workshops on new techniques, and to enjoying artistic expressions together. The community mural created in the host location as a testimony of our time there has become a unifying practice.” The press release also invites us to produce “artwork from an ecological perspective in order to promote the sharing of resources and deepen our reflection together”.

CODALC and the Federation of Dominican Sisters of Brazil invite to the gathering all members of the Dominican Family – sisters, nuns, friars, lay men and women – who put their creativity at the service of preaching through any of the artistic disciplines: music, literature, poetry, plastic arts, theatre, dance, audio-visual media, photography, cinema, handicrafts, corporal expression, digital art, etc. “We are open to all dimensions of beauty in its multiple manifestations and to those who wish to join us in reflecting on our charism through art,” they affirm.

“The exhibition of our works will take place at the meeting venue. Each participant will be responsible for transporting the works and for the manner in which they are displayed. We will also have an artistic show for the performing arts,” states the organising team. They recommend that you pay close attention to the information requested on the registration form.

Registration will close on 15 September 2024. Registration forms should be sent to the organising team’s email address: Include the surname and “registration” in the subject line, and save the document with the surname of the participant to facilitate the work of the secretariat. The organising team will send the schedule of activities and other useful information in due course.

“In the hope that all those who feel attracted by art and can be encouraged to participate and continue building our space of artists of the Dominican Family, we greet you invoking the blessing of our Father Dominic and our brother Blessed Angelico, who showed us a path of encounter with God through beauty”, concludes the communiqué of the organising team.

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Local coordination, Federation of Dominican Sisters of Brazil: Ir. Izide Vecchi
General Coordinator: Sr. Valeria Nougués

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